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Why update to iOS 5 wipe all my contacts on iPhone 4

iTunes 10.5 and iOS 5 are now available from Apple website. Wait for a long time for the new version of iOS and iTunes? Are you ready to update your iOS devices such as iPhone 4. If you can't wait to update iPhone 4 to new iOS 5. One thing you should think carefully. During the upgrade, will the upgrade wipe the data such as SMS, contacts, music, movie, apps, notes and other stuff on iPhone?
Why update to iOS 5 wipe all my contacts on iPhone 4

Many user find that the new update to iOS 5 will delete contacts on iPhone. So they confused.
One user said: "I just updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 and I seemed at first to loose all my contacts. During the update, there is no clue for me to backup the iPhone contats. In fact, before update, I am worry about this. It really happen to me. Can anyone maybe give me some light on this how can I get the contacts back?"

How to avoid the contacs lost when upgrading to iOS 5?
The lost of iPhone contacts may spend you a whole day to add them to iPhone again on another day. Nobody know what will happ when you update the iPhone to new iOS 5. What is the safest way to protect the iPhone contacts? Backup iPhone contacts before updating is a good idea.
There are several ideas for you to backup iPhone contacts before upgading to iOS 5.

1. Install iTunes and use iTunes to backup all stuff on iPhone to Mac or PC. iTunes will do a backup for iPhone automatically and the backup speed is very fast. No file on iPhone will be missing.

2. Use what called iPhone contacts backup program.
The third-party application such as iMacsoft iPhone to Mac transfer is a good choice for Mac os X user. It will save contacts on iPhone to Mac as .csv file.
iPhone 4S text message to Mac Backup

For Windows user. 4Media iPhone contacts transfer is a good one. It will transfer iPhone contacts to Windows based computer as .csv or .vcf file.
4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer
Worry about all contacts in your iPhone will be lost in case of accidental breakdown of the iPhone? Or wanna transfer iphone contacts information from one phone to another? Now, you get 4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer, a convenient iPhone contacts management tool to help you backup iphone contacts, import/export, restore and manage contacts information in your iPhone to wipe out all your worries and fill your needs on important contacts information security.

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