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How to transfer Blackberry contacts to iPhone

BlackBerry smart phone are popular and many RIM BB users like the email feature on BlackBerry. So, when get a BlackBerry smart phone, you add other person's information such as name, phone number, email address to contacts and get start to use it. Day by day, you've stored so many contacts on BlackBerry, If you are one of those who switched from Blackberry to iPhone. If you are care about the contacts on BlackBerry. I am sure you are going to find a way to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone. Just like this BlackBerry user's question.
" I am a new user of iPhone, I have been using BlackBerry for 3 years. One week ago, I got a new iPhone 4. I have a lot of import contacts list on my BlackBerry Bold. I just wonder how can I transfer the BlackBerry contacts to iPhone so I won't input the information from BB to iPhone one-by-one? "

There is no cable to connect the BlackBerry and iPhone together and user can't transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone directly via USB cable. So, we should export contacts out of BlackBerry and save onto a program, then import the contacts from the program to iPhone.

Things you'll need to transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone.

  • Download Google sync on the Blackberry by paying a visit to m.google.com/sync.
  • Synced Blackberry contacts to Google Account. If you are not Google gmail user, please Go to Google and register one. It is rather simple.
  • Export Google account contacts to computer as .csv or .vcf file.
  • Import the .csv or vCard file to iPhone with iPhone contacts transfer.

Here is how to import contacts from Google account to iPhone by using iPhone contacts transfer

If you are the first time using Google Sync on BlackBerry. all the contacts from your blackBerry are saved to your Gmail contacts in a group called My Contacts.
Please login your Gmail and Go to "Contacts" option on the left of Gmail account.
Then you'll see a "more" menu. Click it and you'll see a drop-down menu.
Select "Export" contacts.
Here are three models to export contacts out of Google account.
1. Export Group "My contacts" to Google CSV format.
Export Google contacts as csv

2. Export Group "My contacts" to Outlook CSV format.
Export Google Contacts to Outlook CSV

3. Export Group "My contacts" to vCard format. So that you can import the contacts to Apple Address book or iOS devices.Such as import to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad.
Export Group "My contacts" to vCard format

Now, import vCard file to iPhone

You can save the Google account contacts to computer as vCard file and download this iPhone contacts trnsfer program.
4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer
4Media iPhone contats transfer Import/export contacts information files in CSV and vCard formats between your iPhone and computer.

Step 2: Transfer .vcf file or .csv file to iPhone by using 4Media iPhone contacts Transfer

Connect iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPhone 3Gs/iPhone 4 /iPhone 4S /iPod touch /iPad to computer and the application will automatically find the iOS device so you can add contacts to them.
4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer is a tool that you can import/export contacts information files in CSV and vCard formats between your iPhone and computer.
You can get this BlackBerry contacts to iPhone transfer software by click here. Transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone
Select the file which saved as .csv file or .vcf file. you can restore the contacts file to iPhone by using this powerful application.
Transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone
Other features of 4Media iPhone contacs transfer
  • Import contact information from Address Book programs and other mobile phones to your iPhone
  • Support a dozen of Address Book programs like Outlook Express, Yahoo Address Book, Google Contacts and etc
  • Backup all your iPhone contacts into your computer and restore the data in accidental loss
  • Contact information management: delete any item, sort by different categories, save contact picture to local machine
  • Exactly the same pattern to display the detailed contact information as iPhone

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