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How to move contacts from Windows phone

When we are talking about move somthing from one device to another one, we may think of Windows compute or Mac file backup or move program from one computer or another. However, you know, smart phone like Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile phone, Google phone, Android phone, especially Windows phone smartphone, are becoming more and more important in the workplace and in our everyday lives. So, move contacts from Windows phone to other mobile phone or get the contacts from other cell phone to Windows pone becomeing very important.

How to move contacts to Windows phone
Situation one, contacts on SIM card.
If your contacts are stored on SIM card, your import them to all version of Windows Mobile phone directly without any other app or method. However, if your contacts are stored on cell phone itself, you need the help of your mobile operator, when you are fee, go to the Business Office and ask the operator to move all contacts from cell phone to Windows phone by manually.

If the contacts are stored on PC
You might use the Outlook to import the contacts which stored on computer to move them to Windows phone. you might be able to import them into your Windows Live account. Or if your contacts are exported from online mail address book and saved as .csv or .vcf file, you may also use the contacts transfer program to add them to Windows phone. That's the best way to add contacts to Windows. 1. GodswMobile Contacts Transfer. (Download it now)

To move contacts from Windows phone to computer

Sometimes, we just need move contacts from Windows phone to computer for a backup. To Transfer contacts files between your Windows phone and your PC, you'll need to install a Windows Mobile phone called GodswMobile contacts transfer on your computer.

GodswMobile Contacts Transfer is an application designed for mobile phone running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0/6.1/6.5. It can transfer contacts from cellphone to pc; Transfer contacts both contain sim card contacts and mobile memory contacts; Export contact as text file(*.txt), excel and outlook file(*.csv), pc data file(*.cts) and vCard file(*.vcf); Backup contacts?Customize ringtones and photos. In a word, you could use GodswMobile Contacts Transfer to manager your mobile contacts on PC and transfer to other phone.

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GodswMobile Contacts Transfer
GodswMobile Contacts Transfer - A tool to avoid lost Windows Mobile phone on Windows

Export Windows Mobile phone contacts to computer

Move Windows phone contacts

In a word, This Windows Mobile phone contacts transfer program helps you backup, transfer, restore, organize your contacts list, choose what to sync to your Windows phone, and even restore contacts to Windows phone.

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