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Import AOL contacts to iPad

No matter you have RIM BlackBerry, Android phone, Apple iOS devices or Windows Mobile phone. As we all know, the Email, contacts or address book are a core datas of these mobile devices. When you get a new portable devices, you would like to add contacts to it other than type the address book to it one-by-one.

Import AOL contacts to iPad

Now, iPad released and it becomes very popular, more and more people have iPad. Yeah, deal with your business with iPad can be very convenient. When sending email with it, we need add contacts to iPad first. One of the important things people want to do with their iPad is import stuff such as contacts, Email from other email account such as AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or in your Address book on your Mac. Now, here, we talk about how to import AOL contacts to iPad from Windows computer.

We know that if you are using Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later to store contacts information, you can use iTunes to sync this information with your iPod, iPad or iPhone. Currently, there is no method to import AOL contacts to iPad directly.

So, First, we need export contacts from AOL to Outlook;
Second, import contacts from Outlook to iPad on Windows.
ePreserver - Which is smart app to convert AOL contacts to Outlook on Windows Platform.

ePreserver is the simplest way to to:

  • Copy your AOL mail and contacts to Outlook or Gmail.
  • Convert your AOL favorites to Internet Explorer.
  • Export your AOL data from Windows to the Mac.

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Okay, ePreserver supports AOL 9.x, AOL Desktop and AOL webmail. So you can convert your AOL e-mail, folders, address book and favorite places to Outlook or Gmail for syncing with iPad.

Important: You must still have an active AOL screen name in order to use these instructions. AOL Communicator is no longer supported by AOL, so you should uninstall it when this procedure is finished.

1. Install AOL Communicator

The first task is to download and install AOL Communicator, which is based on Netscape and is smaller and less intrusive than AOL 9. You can easily uninstall AOL Communicator when you are done. here is the download link: http://am.net/lib/TOOLS/AOL/ac_install.exe

This download should be about a minute if you have cable or DSL Internet access. When you are asked if you want to Run or Save the software, click Run.

Install AOL Communicator

Once the download completes, click Run:

Install AOL Communicator

Follow the prompts to install AOL Communicator. Make sure you UNCHECK the box for "Make AOL Communicator my mail client":

Install AOL Communicator
If you get an error about "The installer needs to close the application", just click Cancel. You'll be told the installation was canceled, but the error message is wrong.

2. Set up a dummy email account

AOL Communicator will automatically start after you install it. You will be asked to fill out your mailbox information. We won't really be setting up a mailbox so will provide placeholder information.

On the Welcome page, just click Next:

Set up a dummy email account

On Step 1, fill out the requested information. You can enter "Test" for the Account Description. Make sure you enter your AOL screen name and password correctly.

Click Next when you are finished:

Set up a dummy email account

On Step 2, just click Next.

On Step 3, uncheck Mail and check Address Book:
Set up a dummy email account
Finally, on Step 4, click Complete Setup:

Set up a dummy email account

You will see a message that AOL Communicator is download messages. You can click Cancel once the Synchronizing Address Book bar is complete:
Set up a dummy email account

You'll receive an error, but you can just click OK. You may see this error, in which case you should just OK:

Set up a dummy email account

Finally, if you are asked if you want to create another account, just click No:

Set up a dummy email account

3. Export your contacts

AOL Communicator should have opened automatically. Go to the address book, click on the File menu, and choose Export...

Export your contacts

When the Export window opens, click Desktop on the left, type in aol for the filename, and click Save:
Export your contacts
You're almost done!

4. Import your contacts to Outlook

The final step is to run ePreserver and point it at the file you just created. If you've already installed ePreserver, start it by clicking on the life preserver icon on your desktop:

Click Next on the first page for ePreserver, then you will see something like this: (If you see the Screen Name page instead, please click the Show More Choices button.)

Click the File button. When you see the Open window, click Desktop on the left, click on aol.ldif in the middle, and click Open in the bottom right:

Now, you can select only Address book.

AOL contacts to Outlook or Gmail

Select to import the converted AOL contacts to Gmail or Outlook. From the screenshot, we can see that you can AOL contacts to Gmail, convert AOL contacts to HTML files, convert AOL contacts to Mac, export AOL contacts to Outlook 2003, export AOL contacts to Outlook Express and more.
AOL contacts to Outlook 2003 or Outlook Express
Just wait for a seconds, your AOL contacts will be added to Outlook 2003 or Outlook Express easily. We can know that ePreserver migrate your AOL e-mail, folders, address book and favorite places to Outlook easily.

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Get ePreserver to export AOL contacts to Outlook for iPad now!

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Windows Vista and Windows 7 Users: You will most likely get an error about "Access Denied" when you click Open. To solve the problem:

  1. Right-click "aol.ldif" choose Copy.
  2. Right-click again and choose Paste.
  3. You'll see a window saying "You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy this file." Click the Continue button.
  4. Select the new file named "aol - Copy.ldif" and click Open.
  5. Continue with ePreserver to convert the address book.

Now, sync Outlook contacts with iPad

Your iPad has a built-in Address book app which is where all your contacts are stored when you sync with iTunes. To set up iTunes syncing with your Contacts, do the following:

Connect your iPad to your computer and click its icon when it shows up in iTunes’ Source list. (If you use Outlook or Outlook Express, launch that now, too.)

In the main part of the iTunes window, click the Info tab.

Windows owners: Turn on the checkbox next to “Sync contacts from” and then use the drop-down menu to choose the program whose contacts you want to copy. If you want to sync contact groups, select them from the “Selected groups” box. You can also choose to import the photos in your contacts files.

Click the Apply button in the lower-right corner of the iTunes window.

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