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How to recover call records for iPhone on Mac

" I don't know why my iPhone 4s always delete the call history automatically and I can't find them any more. The iPhone 4S only keep the call records for about 5 days. I don't know how to set it for more than 5 days. Sometimes I need the call history to show a client's phone number which I didn't store it. "

We know that a mobile phone doesn't like a PC, on a PC when you delete something from Hard drive, the deleted file will be put on the recycle bin temporary and if you need the find undeleted, you can recover the deleted file quickily from recycle bin. However, as for iPhone, if the call history was deleted. You are unable to recover the delete call records from what recycle bin because there is no recycle bin on iPhone. So, is there other way to recover call records from iPhone?
recover call records from iPhone

Application you can try if you are Mac user

You can access to iPhone call history if they haven't been deleted. We always need to access to recent call records on iPhone because it stores the phone number you dail. if deleted, it would be a trouble when you need this call number. Like most phones, the iPhone maintains a detailed call history that allows users to keep track of when they've communicated with specific businesses or individuals. By default, the iPhone does not allow recorying of the call history if you don't have any iPhone recovery software. As long as you synced your iPhone 4S to Mac, you can recover deleted records from iTunes backup file for iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s . You just need the iTunes backup recovery software on Mac. Which can recover call records, text message, contacts, notes, video and more if you already sync your iPhone to Mac. We know that once you sync your iPhone with iTunes, your file will automatically backup by iTunes, so, there is a chance to extract the text message from iTunes backup file.

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Step-by-step guide: How to recover deleted call records on iPhone for Mac

Get the app
First, install and run the iPhone call records recovery application on your Mac. you can get the full version of this program by clicking the buy now icon above.

iPhone call records recovery application

Automatically scan iTunes for call records
After install launch the software and in the Home window click “Start Scan”. This will bring you to a list of all the devices that are synced with your Mac’s current copy of iTunes. Highlight a device by clicking it and then click Scan.

iPhone call records recovery application

Preview and Select
After you click Scan, you’ll immediately be able to view thumbnails of all media files previously synced to iTunes from that device. Browse these files by category (, call records, Photos and Videos, Contacts and Notes) by clicking one of these three options on the top left of the window.

iPhone call records recovery application

Custom Select
Select one at a time by checking the individual boxes located under each thumbnail, or select all files in a category (call records, for example) by checking the box next to each category in the top left.

After you’ve completed selecting all the files you want to recover, just click Recover in the menu bar next to the Back button (Actually recover is not allowed in the free trial version). At the Save prompt, you’ll be asked to name and select the destination folder for your recovered files (Desktop, for example). Your text message file will export immediately to the location you specified. Now you’re all done. Simple, right? To scan, view and recover files from another device, just click the Back button. Enjoy your reclaimed photos, videos, and more!

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Software recommened

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Wondershre iTunbackWondershare iTunBack is an easy-to-use transfer tool to copy contents from iPhone, iPad or iPod to iTunes. It can copy music, movies, playlists, tv shows, podcasts, ringtones, voice memos, books, audiobooks to your iTunes library, without deleting the original contents on your Apple device.

Every iPod owner many need to get the contents of their iPods back to their computer. Unfortunately, iTunes only allows for a one-way synchronization—copy from a computer to your iPod. If you want to copy files in another way around, iTunBack is your best choice.

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