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How to move contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone 4

Want to move the entire contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone? Now, here it is. Usually, there are 2 steps to finish this task. First, export contacts and save it on hard disk. Second, get an iPhone contacts restore tool to import the backup file to new iPhone.

" 2 month the Apple released the iPhone 4, I got a new iPhone 4 with my same number because my old one sometimes doesn't work and now I am worry about that my contacts are missing. I am trying to move the contacts from old one to new one via iTunes, but this didn't work. Is there anything I have to manually put the contacts to my new iPhone 4?"

As an iPhone user, everytime you get a new iPhone as a gift you was so excited, because the new iphone is so cool, after years of your horrible old iPhone. However, when with a new one at hand, how can you move the contacts from old one to your new iPhone, you know, the contacts on old iPhone are in the SIM card. If you are very bad with technology, and need an easy way to fix this problem? In fact, move contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone 4 is just a piece of cake. So, Just 3 steps you can get the contacts to your new iPhone. (iPhone contacts backup software is needed to export the contacts, like Cucusoft iPhone contacts + SMS Backup)

1. Export the contacts from old iPhone to computer as .vcf file or .csv file with Cucusoft iPhone Contacts + SMS Backup

3. Restore the backup contacts to new iPhone 4 with 4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer

About Cucusoft iPhone Contacts + SMS backup
Transfer contacts from iPod and iPhone to computer as a file or to Outlook directly
Transfer iPod, iPhone, iPad SMS to computer
Restore the backup contacts or SMS to iPhone 3G, 3Gs, iPhone 4/iPod touch 4G when necessary

To run the backup of the contacts from iPhone, First, please download Cucusoft iPhone Contacts Backup + SMS free trail, install and run it. If you want to restore the backup contacts to new iPhone 4, you need jailbreak you iPod touch first.

Step 1: Export contacts from old iPhone to computer as .vcf file

Cucusoft iPhone contacts + SMS backup is fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Please hook up your firest iPhone to computer, if connection succeeds, the iPod touch 4 backup software will show your iPhone information automatically. To prevent your iPhone from been synced automatically, this software will disable the iTunes auto syncing features and enables you to manage iPhone manually.

backup iPhone contacts

Tip: Though you needn't launch the iTunes software, you need to have an iTunes (iTunes 7.5 or higher version) installed before getting started using this iPod touch contacts backup application.

Click "contacts" on the left bar and all contacts list will show on right window. If you look for a specific contact from someone, just type the name on the search box and it will bring the information in front of your eyes. Then click " Export " to run the iPhone contacts backuping . You will be asked to slect a save path on your computer. You can rename the backup file and choose a backup path on computer.

Save output files

Wait for a few seconds and have a cup of tea, you old iPhone contacts will be transferred to computer or Outlook. Once the iPhone contacts be sent to computer as .vcf file, you can open with MS excel software.

Step 2: Restore .vcf file to new iPhone 4 with 4Media iPhone Contacts Transfer

You can import/export contacts information files in CSV and vCard formats from computer to new iPhone 4 easily with this iPhone contacts restore software.

Restore exported .csv or .vcf file to a new iPhone

If you have exported the iPhone contacts list to computer as .CSV file with 4Media iPhone Transfer contacts. You can share the entire contact list to another iPhone now.

Start 4Media iPhone contacts Transfer

Then continue click the button on the bottom of the software screen. You can see like this.
backup and restore iPhone contacts Locate the .vcf file you have exported from old iPhone on your computer. Just choose and add to the new iPhone 4.

About 4Meida iPhone Contacts Transfer
    Restore contacts to new iPhone 4
  • Export contacts from iPhone/iPad/itouch to PC or Outlook.
  • Direct export contacts to computer, Outlook, or export to computer as .csv or .vcf
  • Backup contacts/Edit backup contacts.
  • Direct restore contacts to your iPhone.
  • Backup all the contacts information in your iPhone to your computer, secure and convenient.

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