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How to fix iTunes error -499 for Apple iPhone

" When I hook up my iPhone 3Gs to Macbook Air and I start the iTunes application to manage my iPhone content. It all suddenly I was given an error message and it pops up "iTunes error -499" when I am going to connect iTunes store. I can't figure out what's the problem and how to fix it. And I never see this error message before. Please can anybody explain me why and how to solve it. "

Fix iTunes errors 499

How to fix iTunes error 499 on Windows or Mac

yes, we need use iTunes to manage iPhone, iPod or iPad on both Windows computer or Mac computer. There are unexpected errors you may face when you run this app on computer.

As for iTunes error 499. It's quite possible that the error on iTunes may caused by your antivirus application or Firewall. If one user install antivirus program like Kaspersky on computer. you may stopped to access to iTunes store when you click 'Store' on iTunes.

So you can temporary stop the antivirus tool on computer. Maybe, it is the best way to stop the error message 499. If you don't want to shut down the antivirus program. You should add website such as
1. itunes.apple.com
2. ax.itunes.apple.com
3. albert.apple.com
4. gs.apple.com
Into your antivirus white list and you can have access to iTunes store without any limitation. So that you can buy music, ebooks, TV shows for iPhone.

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