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How to export contacts from iPhone 3G

If you are going to have a iPhone 3G or you have already have one, you should know how to export the contacts from iPhoe 3g to PC for a backup, Because when you sync iPhone with iTunes, you may wipe the contacts and all the information will be lost. You may have problem to export iPhone contacts to computer with iTunes. Well, try the third party tool.

"I just bought an Iphone 4 and want to give the old iPhone 3g to my sister sometimes later. Now it won't sync properly, I am assuming the 3g backup was corrupted because it was broke. So I am going to erase the old backup and start new. I can restore all my contacts from windows contacts, but the problem is that I can't get my sms messages back after I delete the old backup. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?

Cucusoft iPhone SMS + Contacts Backup When iPhone 3g user have problem in backuping the contacts. Cucusoft iPhone contacts + SMS backup is a good solution.

With Cucusoft iPhone contacts + SMS Backup uitility, all iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 user can export the contacts to computer and open on Windows. Or you can export the iPhone 3g contats to Outlook direclty. Once the contacts be exported to computer, you can restore it when necessary. You just have one-click to backup the contacts to Windows based computer. Fully support iTunes 10.

Things you need

  • Cucusoft iPhone contacts + SMS Backup
  • iTunes
  • Windows computer

Step 1: Download Cucusoft iPhone contacts backup software and get start

Hello: Last year I got a new iPhone 3G. I use it already 1 year. So, I have a ful list of iPhone contacts. I use outlook to send E-mail. But my outlook list of contacts are empty and I am trying to export my contacts from my iPhone to outlook, I mean that I want to export my whole iPhone contacts to computer and then sync with my Outlook. but every time I try to connect the iPhone to computer and want to export it? I can fullfill that...How can I export the contacts from iPhone 3G and then put it on my Outlook?

You need to download Cucusoft Backup iPhone Contacts , install and run it. Then, connect your iPhone to computer, if connection succeeds, it will display your iPhone information. If not, it will pop up a new window and tell you it's unable to detect your iPhone and give you some tips to fix it up.

export contacts from iPhone 3G

Step 2: Export contacts to computer from iPhone 3G

Click "Contacts" on the left bar of Cucusoft iPhone Contacts backup and all contacts (including contact groups) will show up on the right window. You can browser all iPhone contacts on computer or just type a name on search box to lookup specified one.

You can search the specific contacs on iPhone with this tool. Or you can click "Export" to backup iPhone contacts. All contacts have been saved on your Windows Platform Outlook address book now or save the contacts to computer .vcf file.

export contacts from iPhone 3G

You can wait for a few seconds, and you contacts will be sent to Outlook address book. If you export the contacts to computer as .vcf files. You can open it with Microsoft office. Okay, this is the guide of how to send iPhone contacts to computer with iPhone contacts backup software.

Why you need Cucusoft iPhone contacts + SMS backup
  • Export contacts from iPhone/iPad/itouch to PC or Outlook.
  • Direct export contacts to Outlook, or export to a file.(.vcf file format).
  • Backup contacts/Edit backup contacts.
  • Direct restore contacts to your iPhone. ( jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad).
  • Export SMS from iPhone/iPod touch to PC.
  • Backup iPhone SMS to PC as .txt, .mht file
  • Backup SMS/Edit backup SMS
  • Direct restore SMS to your iPhone.( jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)

More software you may need

More software you may need

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iMacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer
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iPhone SMS to Mac Transfer


iPhone SMS to Mac Transfer
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