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Export contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook

Already Thunderbird email client usr for years and recently transfer to Outlook? Don't forget to migrate the Thunderbird contacts to Outlook. Well, most user will find that it is very easy to import Oulook contacts to Thunderbird because when you install Thunderbird,you will be asked to import the contacts from Outlook or not. However, there is no directly way to export Thunderbird contacts to Outlook.
contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook

Luckily, There is still chance to add contacts to Outlook from Thunderbird because Mozilla make it fairly easy to export Thunder address book to file with .csv or .txt format that many (if not most) other email programs and services understand. So we can export ThunderBird contacts to .csv file and import to Outlook.

Manually export Thunderbird contacts as .csv file for importing to Outlook
After reading the help documents of the Thunderbird. We know that Thunderbird lets you export contacts from your address book in three formats: LDIF, for LDAP directories, CSV (Comma-Separated Values), the most compatible used format (where contacts are listed on each line, and contact information is separated by commas), or Tab Delimited.

Here is how
If you have installed Thunderbird email client, you can create a icon on desktop and click the icon to start this program.

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See the Thunderbird client interface. You can see "Address book". Click it. Then you can see menu "Tool". Click the drop-down menu and you will be able to export contacts as .csv file.

Export Thunderbird contacts to csv file
Create a file folder on hard drive and save the contacts file into it.

Add .csv file to Outlook address book

Goto your Outlook account. And click the menu "contacts". And you will the contacts manage interface. Click the "File" menu and you will see the option to "Export", "Import". Of course, you need select "Import" option. Then you can browse the csv file which you have exported from thunderbird. Then click "ok" to import.

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