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Copy contacts to Windows phone

While it is very easy for Windows user to export all Windows mobile phone to computer for a backup because you can import the contacts from Windows phone to Outlook online. Some of the Windows phone user would like to copy contacts to Windows phone from other mobile phone or desktop PC by manually. Here is how you can accomplish that task.
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When we get a new Windows phone
There is no wonder that you will like Windows phone because the new operation on the Windows phone can bring you really good experience when you are using it. if you just buy a new mobile phone online or on your mobile operator store. I guess that the first thing that you’ll probably is copy all the phone numbers and other contact information from the old phone to your new windows phone. For example, copy contacts from iPhone to Windows phone, copy contacts from Nokia Sybian to Windows Mobile phone.

Things you need do
If you just have about a few contacts information and phone number on other phone, you can just write them down and add the number to new Windows phone one-by-one. It would save you time.

However, if you are using the old phone for years and you have stored lots of phone nubmers on it, you'd better save or export the contacts to desktop PC or Outlook and save as a file. It would be better if you can save them as .csv or .vcf file.

Next, copy contacts to Windows phone

Once you have exported the contacts from phone to computer as .csv or .vcf file , now, it's time to import them to Windows phone. Here is another application you need.
GodswMobile Contacts Transfer
is an application designed for mobile phone running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0/6.1/6.5. It can transfer contacts from cellphone to pc; Transfer contacts both contain sim card contacts and mobile memory contacts; Export contact as text file(*.txt), excel and outlook file(*.csv), pc data file(*.cts) and vCard file(*.vcf); Backup contacts?Customize ringtones and photos. In a word, you could use GodswMobile Contacts Transfer to manager your mobile contacts on PC and transfer to other phone.

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GodswMobile Contacts Transfer
GodswMobile Contacts Transfer - A tool to avoid lost Windows Mobile phone on Windows

Export Windows Mobile phone contacts to computer

Move Windows phone contacts

In a word, This Windows Mobile phone contacts transfer program helps you backup, transfer, restore, organize your contacts list, choose what to sync to your Windows phone, and even restore contacts to Windows phone.

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